dandi delete#

dandi [<global options>] delete [<options>] [<paths> ...]

Delete Dandisets and assets from the server.

Each argument must be either a file path pointing to an asset file or directory in a local Dandiset (in which case the corresponding assets are deleted on the remote server) or a resource identifier pointing to a remote asset, directory, or entire Dandiset.



Force deletion without requesting interactive confirmation

-i, --dandi-instance <instance>#

DANDI instance (either a base URL or a known instance name) to delete assets & Dandisets from [default: dandi]


By default, if an argument points to a remote resource that does not exist, an error is raised. If --skip-missing is supplied, missing resources are instead simply silently ignored.

Development Options#

The following options are intended only for development & testing purposes. They are only available if the DANDI_DEVEL environment variable is set to a nonempty value.


Do not use pyout callbacks, do not swallow exceptions, do not parallelize.