dandi move#

dandi [<global options>] move [<options>] <src-path> ... <dest-path>
dandi [<global options>] move --regex [<options>] <pattern> <replacement>

Move or rename assets in a local Dandiset and/or on the server. The dandi move command takes one of more source paths of the assets to move, followed by a destination path indicating where to move them to. Paths given on the command line must use forward slashes (/) as path separators, even on Windows. In addition, when running the command inside a subdirectory of a Dandiset, all paths must be relative to the subdirectory, even if only operating on the remote Dandiset. (The exception is when the --dandiset option is given in order to operate on an arbitrary remote Dandiset, in which case any local Dandiset is ignored and paths are interpreted relative to the root of the remote Dandiset.)

If there is more than one source path, or if the destination path either names an existing directory or ends in a trailing forward slash (/), then the source assets are placed within the destination directory. Otherwise, the single source path is renamed to the given destination path.

Alternatively, if the --regex option is given, then there must be exactly two arguments on the command line: a Python regular expression and a replacement string, possibly containing regex backreferences. dandi move will then apply the regular expression to the path of every asset in the current directory recursively (using paths relative to the current directory, if in a subdirectory of a Dandiset); if a path matches, the matching portion is replaced with the replacement string, after expanding any backreferences.


-i, --dandi-instance <instance>#

DANDI instance (either a base URL or a known instance name) containing the remote Dandiset corresponding to the local Dandiset in the current directory [default: dandi]

-d, --dandiset <URL>#

A resource identifier pointing to a Dandiset on a remote instance whose assets you wish to move/rename


Show what would be moved but do not move anything

-e, --existing [error|skip|overwrite]#

How to handle assets that would be moved to a destination where an asset already exists:

  • error [default] — raise an error

  • skip — skip the move

  • overwrite — delete the asset already at the destination

-J, --jobs <int>#

Number of assets to move in parallel; the default value is determined by the number of CPU cores on your machine


Treat the command-line arguments as a regular expression and a replacement string, and perform the given substitution on all asset paths in the current directory recursively.

-w, --work-on [auto|both|local|remote]#

Whether to operate on the local Dandiset in the current directory, a remote Dandiset (either one specified by the --dandiset option or else the one corresponding to the local Dandiset), or both at once. If auto (the default) is given, it is treated the same as remote if a --dandiset option is given and as both otherwise.

Development Options#

The following options are intended only for development & testing purposes. They are only available if the DANDI_DEVEL environment variable is set to a nonempty value.


Do not use pyout callbacks, do not swallow exceptions, do not parallelize.


  • When working in a local clone of a Dandiset, a file sub-01/sub-01_blah.nii.gz can be renamed to sub-02/sub-02_useful.nii.gz in both the local clone and on the server with:

    dandi move sub-01/sub-01_blah.nii.gz sub-02/sub-02_useful.nii.gz

    To rename the file only in the local or remote instance, insert --work-on local or --work-on remote after move.

  • When not working in a local clone of a Dandiset, a file can be renamed in a remote Dandiset on a server by providing a resource identifier for the Dandiset to the --dandiset option. For example, in order to operate on Dandiset 123456 on the main dandi instance, use:

    dandi move --dandiset DANDI:123456 sub-01/sub-01_blah.nii.gz sub-02/sub-02_useful.nii.gz

    To operate on Dandiset 123456 on dandi-staging, you can use:

    dandi move --dandiset https://gui-staging.dandiarchive.org/dandiset/123456 sub-01/sub-01_blah.nii.gz sub-02/sub-02_useful.nii.gz
  • To move the contents of a folder rawdata/ to the top level of a Dandiset, you can use the --regex option to strip the rawdata/ prefix from the beginning of all matching asset paths:

    dandi move --regex "^rawdata/" ""