dandi ls#

dandi [<global options>] ls [<options>] [<path|url> ...]

List *.nwb files’ and Dandisets’ metadata.

The arguments may be either resource identifiers or paths to local files/directories.


-f, --format [auto|pyout|json|json_pp|json_lines|yaml]#

Choose the format/frontend for output. If auto (the default), pyout will be used in case of multiple files, yaml for a single file.

-F, --fields <fields>#

Comma-separated list of fields to display. Specifying -F "" causes a list of available fields to be printed out.

-J, --jobs <int>#

Number of parallel download jobs [default: 6]

--metadata [api|all|assets]#

Control when to include asset metadata for remote assets:

  • api [default] — only include asset metadata if returned by the API response (i.e., if a URL identifying an asset by ID was supplied)

  • all — make an additional request to fetch asset metadata if not returned by initial API response

  • assets — same as all

-r, --recursive#

Recurse into Dandisets/directories. Only *.nwb files will be considered.

--schema <version>#

Convert metadata to new schema version

Development Options#

The following options are intended only for development & testing purposes. They are only available if the DANDI_DEVEL environment variable is set to a nonempty value.


Use dummy value for digests of local files instead of computing