dandi validate#

dandi [<global options>] validate [<path> ...]

Validate files for data standards compliance.

Exits with non-zero exit code if any file is not compliant.


-g, --grouping [none|path]#

Set how to group reported errors & warnings: by path or not at all (default)

--ignore REGEX#

Ignore any validation errors & warnings whose ID matches the given regular expression

--min-severity [HINT|WARNING|ERROR]#

Only display issues with severities above this level (HINT by default)

Development Options#

The following options are intended only for development & testing purposes. They are only available if the DANDI_DEVEL environment variable is set to a nonempty value.


Validate all file types, not just NWBs and Zarrs


Do not use pyout callbacks, do not swallow exceptions, do not parallelize.

--schema <version>#

Validate against new schema version