dandi download#

dandi [<global options>] download [<options>] <url> ...

Download one or more Dandisets, assets, or folders of assets from DANDI.

See Resource Identifiers for allowed URL formats.


--download [dandiset.yaml,assets,all]#

Comma-separated list of elements to download [default: all]

-e, --existing [error|skip|overwrite|overwrite-different|refresh]#

How to handle paths that already exist locally [default: error]

For refresh, if the local file’s size and mtime are the same as on the server, the asset is skipped; otherwise, it is redownloaded.

-f, --format [pyout|debug]#

Choose the format/frontend for output [default: pyout]

-i, --dandi-instance <instance>#

DANDI instance (either a base URL or a known instance name) to download from [default: dandi]

-J, --jobs N[:M]#

Number of parallel download jobs and, optionally, number of upload subjobs per Zarr asset job [default: 6:4]

-o, --output-dir <dir>#

Directory to download to (must exist). Files will be downloaded with paths relative to that directory. [default: current working directory]

--path-type [exact|glob]#

Whether to interpret asset paths in URLs as exact matches or glob patterns


Delete local assets that do not exist on the server after downloading